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Latest Liverpool reviews & Special Offers

7 Days Ago

Coaching With Nlp

Special Offer

Valid until: 01/12/2015

9 Days Ago

Crossed Wires Electrical

Special Offer

Valid until: 28/02/2015

10 Days Ago

Bill Turton Driving School

I passed my driving test second time with Bill. As he is a former mechanic he has a lot of knowledge about the workings of a car that other instructors don't have. This really helps as he can explain to you why the car does things and how to understand the way the car works which helps you to drive the proper and safe way. His style of teaching is very easy to understand,relaxed and fun. He is very down to earth and puts you at ease. Highly recommend!

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

17 Days Ago

Sefton Flooring Services - Martin Killey

Special Offer

Valid until: 01/01/2016

22 Days Ago

Healthy Foods Online

Special Offer

Valid until: 30/09/2014

26 Days Ago

Guardians Petsitting & Dog Walking

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/08/2014

27 Days Ago

Global Security a A A

They began an installation for us in January. It is now the end of June and it is still not complete, despite having been paid a thousand pounds. Additionally, the office phone is usually on answer and I left a message I rarely received a reply. We are still waiting and living off empty promises.

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

27 Days Ago

Liverpool Removals

Many removals companies that I have seen can throw your valuables around like they’re in a washing machine. When I was moving my business I was worried about how I was going to get through it without breaking something! I explained my worries to Liverpool Removals and they assured me that their removals team would treat my property with the same care and attention that I would. Well they were absolutely right, I cannot fault them and I would recommend them to anyone moving businesses or worrying about valuable possessions in the move. Nothing broken and a fast service!

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

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